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La Crosse Wisconsin Lawn Care | Winona Lawn Care MN | La Crescent Lawn Service MN

La Crosse Wisconsin Lawn Care
Fertilization & Weed Control

Our La Crosse Wisconsin lawn care applications begin in the early spring and end in the late fall for optimal results. OSI uses slow-release fertilizer that is organically fortified with Milorganite. EPA-approved chemicals are also used as needed for weed control.

  • Round 1: We apply crabgrass control with fertilizer.
  • Round 2: Broadleaf weed control is applied.
  • Round 3: An early summer treatment of granular fertilizer with slow-release fertilizer is applied. We also add micro-nutrients to promote healthier plants and better root development. These services are performed in mid-June through July.
  • Round 4: Slow-release granular fertilizer with iron is applied to enhance summer color and potassium is added for root development and disease resistance.
  • Round 5: Broadleaf weed control for summer weeds is applied by a La Crosse Wisconsin lawn care technician.
  • Round 6: This fall application will winterize your lawn. The granular fertilizer is specially blended to promote root growth and store nutrients for winter dormancy and early spring green-up. These services are performed mid-September through October by a La Crosse Wisconsin lawn care professional.
  • Optional: Aeration is an optional application that is offered during the fall. We recommend that you aerate every other year to promote root development and reduce thatch build-up. Aeration will also help prevent disease and give your lawn a thicker appearance.

Winona Lawn Care MN
Disease Treatment

Disease often occurs because fungi feed off of your lawn. The effects of this feeding are evident when you begin to notice spots, circles, patches and/or strange colors ranging from brown, to yellow, to red in your lawn. Call the Winona lawn care MN pros at OSI today for a professional diagnosis and treatment.

La Crescent Lawn Service MN
Insect Control

Insects can be a real problem for your lawn, which is why OSI offers quality insect control applications as a part of our all-inclusive La Crescent lawn service MN. We will eliminate sod webworms, chinch bugs, grubs, ants, fleas, ticks, spiders and more. If you’ve got an insect problem, OSI has the solution for you!

Caledonia Minnesota Lawn Care
Grub Control

Grubs are one of the most destructive lawn pests. These “c”-shaped beetle larvae hatch underneath your turf and immediately begin feeding off the roots of your lawn. This feeding steals the water and nutrients intended for your turf, leaving it to wilt. If grubs continue to feed on your lawn, they will eventually kill it. Call the best in Caledonia Minnesota lawn care at OSI today for all your grub control needs!

Onalaska Lawn Care Wisconsin

Aeration is a valuable Onalaska lawn care Wisconsin service offered by OSI. By removing small plugs of soil from your lawn, we will give the grass roots more room to expand and take in larger amounts of water, oxygen and fertilizer. We recommend having aeration performed on your lawn every other year to keep it looking fresh and vibrant. For premier Onalaska lawn care Wisconsin, call Outdoor Services, Inc. today!

Tomah Lawn Service Wisconsin

Overseeding works very well with aeration because the ground has been opened up for the seed to get down into the nutrient-rich soil. Overseeding allows your lawn to look younger by producing new grass. To learn more about this valuable Tomah lawn service Wisconsin, call OSI today for a FREE estimate!

West Salem Wisconsin Lawn Care
Service Area

Ourdoor Services, Inc. has been providing excellent West Salem Wisconsin lawn care to: La Crosse, WI; Onalaska, WI; Tomah, WI; Holmen, WI; Black River Falls, WI; Arcadia, WI; Sparta, WI; Viroqua, WI; Genoa, WI; New Lisbon, WI; Richland Center, WI; Winona, MN; La Crescent, MN; Caledonia, MN; and surrounding communities.

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